Tree 1700 thru 2002

Toomajian Family Tree

The family tree was created by my Grandfather, Charles.  He, as many did at the time, originally learned the tree by rote.  He decided to write the tree so the information would not be lost and forgotten.  The original tree only contained the names of the men in the family because they were the ones to carry the name. 

He created a tree from 1700 through 1900.  The tree was written completely in Armenian.  I, unfortunately, can not read Armenian and had copies shipped to numerous family members and clergy for translation.

Once translated an error was discovered in one of the branches.  This error was corrected with the help of family members and a new tree was created covering the years 1700 through 1993. 

This new tree was created in english.  I also added the names of the woman to this tree with their new married name in parenthesis. 

I have placed a copy of the tree here for people to review.  I will eventually bring the tree up to date.  I am also planning on placing a copy of the original tree on this site.  When viewing, move your mouse over the tree and you will see a larger picture to the right of the tree.  It is best viewed with a screen area of at least 800 x 600 pixels.

Please let me know your opinion on how I can make the tree more user friendly.

Many thanks go to all of the people who helped with the creation of this new tree.